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How to Promote Your Group

So, you've started a group? Great! Here are a few ways you can promote your group:


1. Post a welcome message on your group right away. Ask an ice-breaking question to get group members participating.


2. Post an announcement about your group on one of the boards. Invite members to join your group. Post periodic announcements about your group on one of the boards to build interest in your group. 


3.  Encourage your group members to add your group to the new "My Boards & Groups" menu found at the top of most pages. This can make getting to your group much easier. Instructions for doing that can be found here


4. Encourage your group members to subscribe to your group. By subscribing, your group members will receive daily or weekly email updates, which will help bring them back to your group.  Instructions for doing that can be found here.


5. Stay in contact with group members using Private Messages.


6. Consider having a weekly topic that is posted each week on a particular day. Think of other ways to bring your entire group together at least once a week (or month). Encourage group members to start new topics.


7. Most importantly, be a frequent participant in your group yourself. Be sure to reply to threads that other group members start. Creating a group makes you the 'host' and no group can be successful without an active, enthusiastic host.

Send a PM to "Editor" if you have any questions or need help with your group!

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