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How to Report a Problem


Please let us know if you experience any problems while visiting at ProTeacher!


How To Report An Inappropriate Post




Each post contains a little gray "stop sign" icon in the bottom left corner (below the User Name). To report a post, simply click the stop sign icon. You'll then have an opportunity to briefly describe the problem. Please do! Taking an extra minute to describe the problem helps us understand and respond more quickly.

Everyone's help is needed to monitor and maintain our community! We appreciate your participation and support in that effort! If you find an advertisement, off-topic, rude, or otherwise inappropriate message, please take a moment to report it!


Private Messages:

Inappropriate Private Messages can be reported in similar fashion. Look for the little gray "stop sign" icon in the upper right corner of the Private Message.


Reporting Other Problems


For all other website-related problems, please send a Private Message to "Editor" briefly explaining the problem.  

If you are a New Member, or if you can't sign in, visit ProTeacher Help and click on the "Contact Us" link.

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