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How to Send and Receive Private Messages

Private Messages (PMs) are used by ProTeacher members to communicate with other individual members. Sending a PM is a little bit like sending an email. However, the messages you send and receive can only be viewed on the ProTeacher website.

Note: All members (see: membership levels) can receive and reply to Private Messages. New Members can reply, but can’t initiate or start Private Message exchanges


New Members Can receive and reply to Private Messages

Junior Members

Full Members

Senior Members

Can receive and reply to Private Messages.

Can initiate or start Private Message exchanges


How do I know When I Receive a Private Message?

When you receive a new Private Message, you will be notified in the following 4 ways:


1. You will receive a notification under your username on the proteacher.net home page. Click on the link to go to the new message(s).


2. You will receive a one-time popup alert while visiting the boards. Click "Ok" to go to read the new message. Click "Cancel" to look at the message later.


3. A color-changing star will appear at the top of the boards under your username with a link to your message(s). Click "Your Messages" to go to the new message(s). The star remains as a reminder until you get caught up reading all your messages.


 4. Finally, you can receive an email alert whenever you receive a new Private Message. To turn on these optional email alerts, do the following:

  • Go to My Desk > Settings & Options > Settings
  • Click the checkbox for "Receive Email Notification of New Private Messages"
  • Click the "Save Changes" button at the bottom of the page.

  Click Here to add this optional email alert now


How do I Go to Read My Private Messages?

To go to read your Private Messages, click on the "My Stuff" icon and select "Private Messages" from the menu (or click on one of the links mentioned above when you receive a new message).


How do I Reply to a Private Message?

To reply to a Private Message that you received, go to the message and type your reply in the "Quick Reply" form below the message. Click "Send" to send your message. Click "Go Advanced" to preview your message

(Note: New Members should simply click "Send". New Members do not have access to "Go Advanced")


How do I Send a New Private Message?

Note: You must be a Junior, Full or Senior Member to initiate or start a Private Message exchange. New Members can reply, but can't start new Private Message exchanges.





The easiest way to send a new Private Message is to click on the member's username on the boards, then select "Send [username] a Private Message". Then follow the steps in Method #2 below.









1. First, go to Private Messages using the "My Stuff" menu.


2. Next, click on "New Message" in the Private Messages menu:

(Notice the other features of this menu, such as the Sent folder and message tracking option)


3. Fill out the Private Message form by typing the username(s) of the members you are sending the message to, a title, and your message. Click "Preview Message" to preview and continue typing. Click "Send" when you are finished and ready to send.

Notice these additional options below the message area including the option to track your message with a 'read receipt'



How do I report a problem?

Our Private Messaging system may not be used for advertising or promoting of any kind, nor may it be used for teasing or harassment of members.

Do not quote or paraphrase what someone has written to you in a Private Message publicly on the boards. Keep Private Messages private.

If you receive an inappropriate Private Message, please report it using the small gray "stop sign" icon in the upper-right-hand corner of the message. See also How to Report a Problem.


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