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How to Update Your Profile

Your Profile can include information such as your current Position, Grade, and Location (state), as well as information you write about yourself. Keeping your Profile information current helps members provide you better suggestions and advice, and helps you learn about events on ProTeacher that might interest you.

Profile information, which is only visible to other members, appears on your Profile Page as well as under your User Name whenever you post. To reach your Profile Page, visit the ProTeacher Home page, sign in, and click on your User Name. You can also reach your Profile Page by clicking on your User Name at the top of each page on our discussion boards or whenever you post messages, or by clicking on the 'My Stuff' icon and selecting 'My Profile'.

 Updating Your Profile

To update your Profile information, sign in, visit your Profile Page and click on the "About Me" tab. Then, click on the little pencil icons to edit each section. Alternatively, you can also sign in and click on "Edit Your Profile Info" (My Stuff icon > MyDesk > Edit Your Profile Info)

My Stuff icon

Profile About Me Information

Profile Page


Profile Privacy

You can decide who can see your Profile information, by editing the Profile Privacy settings (My Stuff icon > MyDesk > Profile Privacy). We recommend that you keep your Profile information visible to other members for the reasons mentioned above.


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