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List of Do's

Here are some tips that will help YOU get the most out of ProTeacher and keep our community a friendly, fun, and supportive place for everyone!

 # Do  

Participate regularly on our discussion boards and member-created groups. Share your ideas and opinions. Be helpful whenever you can. Feel free to start new topics of your own.


ProTeacher depends entirely on member participation. Without regular participation from members like YOU, we won't have a community.



Thank members who post helpful advice and ideas. When someone takes the time to help you, take the time to thank them.



Keep topics going by following up with additional comments or questions. Chime in!

Some members might ask you questions. By responding to their questions, you are starting a real conversation and making it more likely these members -and others- will reply to you next time.



Try to steer heated topics in a positive direction. Don’t take disagreements too personally. You don’t need to win every argument or debate. Keep things friendly and polite. Maybe you’ll convince them next time around. Moreover, you’ll be much more persuasive to the other people listening in if you keep your composure.


We want all members to feel comfortable and welcome asking questions.  

While not encouraged, a member may frame their question as if asking on behalf of a friend or colleague. The reasons a member might do this are varied, but could include privacy concerns, awkward or embarrassing topics, or simply because the member wishes to receive more anonymous advice by distancing the question from themselves and what other members might already know or assume about them.

Alternatively, members may sign out to post such questions as a guest.


Keep your Profile information up-to-date, especially your current position and grade level. Keeping your Profile information current helps members provide you better suggestions and advice, and helps you learn about events on ProTeacher that might interest you.


7 Keep your email address up-to-date and make sure you can receive ProTeacher emails.


8 Report inappropriate postings

9 To personalize the appearance your postings, add an Avatar to your account


10 Bookmark threads to keep track of discussions that interest you.




See also: List of Don'ts

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