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Navigation Icons

At the top of many pages, you'll find 7 icons:





Knowing what these icons do will make getting around ProTeacher much easier. 



"Home" - This icon leads straight to the Home page.


"My Stuff" - This icon leads to a menu of personal areas on ProTeacher that you should become familiar with including your Profile page, Private Messages, Bookmarks, and Group memberships. It also leads to your member settings and options.


"Search" - This icon leads to the Search Results page with many options to find things that interest you. This is one of the best ways to find out what is being discussed throughout the community. Learn how to use this important feature here.


"My Boards & Groups" - This icon leads to a menu of your boards and groups. Using this icon, you can jump to any of the boards and groups you choose to include. This is the quickest way to jump around to the boards and groups you visit most often. Learn how to update this menu here.


"Favorites" - This icon leads to your "Scrapbook". Your Scrapbook is a place to keep posts that you find on ProTeacher. Any post with a scissors icon can be 'clipped' to your Scrapbook. You can sort your Scrapbook into Collections. You can also upload your own ideas and files to your Collections. Finally, you can share the Collections you create with friends on ProTeacher. Find out how to clip posts to your Scrapbook here.


"Help" - This icon leads to our ProTeacher Help section. Here you'll find guidelines, how-to guides, FAQs, and our Contact Us form. In fact, you're in the Help section right this moment!


"Sign Out" - Be sure to click this button to "sign out" if using a public or shared computer. If prying eyes aren't a worry, there is no need to sign out. But- be sure to remember your password! Members who stay signed in sometimes forget their password, because they aren't in the habit of using it.



Note: Occasionally we substitute our regular icons with seasonal icons, so you might notice the image on the icons change a bit from time to time.






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