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ProTeacher Email Help


ProTeacher sends out regular email to all members. Here are some common issues.


I'm not receiving ProTeacher Email

If you are not receiving ProTeacher Email, see: How To Receive ProTeacher Email for important tips (you must be signed in to read these tips)


I'm receiving Email to the WRONG email address

If you are receiving ProTeacher email to the wrong email address, be sure to update your email address (you must be signed in first). For further help, see: How do I update my email address? Also, see next tip below.


I'm receiving Email to both my new and old email addresses

If you recently updated your email address, you might continue to receive email to your old email address too. To stop duplicate email arriving at your old email address, go to your old email account and find the most recent ProTeacher email. At the bottom of the email, click "Email Preferences". On the Email Preferences page, verify that your old email address is listed at the top. Then change all of our email types to 'no' and click 'save preferences'.

Alternatively, if you are very very certain you won't be using this old email address for ProTeacher again, click the 'Opt Out of All Emails' link at the bottom of the Email Preferences page. Be sure to only do this for your old email address.


I have more than one ProTeacher account

Some ProTeacher members have more than one user account. For instance, some members create a second user account for entering our contests.

If you have more than one user account on ProTeacher, you might receive one of our emails addressed to an account you don't normally use. This occurs, because we send our email to the User Name you used most recently as of the time we generate our email list. If you just happened to have signed in with your other account when we do this, then that account is the account we will address email to. Rest assured, next time we generate our list, the account you use most frequently is likely to be the one we email to.

To avoid this problem altogether, you can use a different email address for your other account. Please be aware that if you do this you might receive duplicate emails. To avoid receiving duplicate emails, be sure to use the same email address for all your ProTeacher user accounts.

Tip: Be careful! Unsubscribing from our email with one ProTeacher account will unsubscribe you from all ProTeacher accounts that use the same email address. 


I'm receiving too much email


It is very easy to opt in and out of ProTeacher email. Simply click on the "Email Preferences" link at the bottom of the email. Select the type of email you wish to receive, then click 'save preferences' at the bottom. If you don't find an "Email Preferences" link at the bottom of the email, find the 'unsubscribe' link. The great thing about "Email Preferences" is you can change your settings later to opt-in or opt-out of the types of email ProTeacher sends.


Need help?

Feel free to Contact Us if you have other problems or questions! We'd be happy to help!



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