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Welcome Future Teachers!

We're so excited you're here! You are truly the future of the teaching profession! You bring fresh new ideas that can inspire us. You observe the most experienced professionals among us in action. You have so much to offer! In return, we have years of experience to share with you!

We invite you to become an active member of our community!

Note: If you signed up with a college email address, we recommend changing that to a personal email address that you check regularly and will continue using after college. See: How do I update my email address?


Participate on our Future Teachers board


Future Teachers, 18 years of age or older, preparing for careers in the field of education, are welcome to participate on our Future Teachers board. Our Future Teachers board is a place for communicating with your peers about anything related to your pursuit of a teaching career.

Another board that might soon interest you is our Job Search board.


Participate on our other boards and groups


You are also welcome to participate on our many other boards and groups, but please be aware of a few dos and don’ts




Post real-life questions that are specific and related to your actual classroom teaching experiences and job search. And don't forget to share ideas and be helpful whenever you can! We'd love to hear your ideas!

Post one question at a time. Be sure to include information such as the grade level you are teaching, and what you have already done/tried.

Share your own ideas and experiences with us!




Please do not post requests for teacher interviews or expect other members to share their personally identifiable information with you. Interviewing a teacher online is no substitute for making contact with a teacher working in your local community.

Please do not post lists of homework or survey questions for other members to answer. Such questions are likely to be ignored.

See also:  Where should I post?


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