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Advantages of Signing In as a Member

Signing in is not required to visit at ProTeacher, but it does have many advantages.


  • It's absolutely free since 1999
  • It's Private. We don't ask for your real name, city, school or place of employment.
  • see what's new more easily
  • get a reserved User Name to use as your own pen name
  • edit your own messages up to 24 hours after you post
  • view and post photos and other attachments
  • CLIP interesting posts to your own SCRAPBOOK and sort into folders
  • SEARCH for new and updated threads since your last visit ("thread" is Internet jargon for a discussion topic or conversation)
  • Search for threads by keyword
  • Search for threads by topic
  • BOOKMARK threads and boards that interest you. Get updates right on our home page
  • receive optional email alerts for your bookmarks
  • send and receive PRIVATE MESSAGES with other visitors (your email address STAYS COMPLETELY HIDDEN)
  • get a personal PROFILE PAGE to design and share information about yourself (share only information that you want to share)
  • Join special interest GROUPS; create groups of your own
  • ENTER contests and VOTE for contest winners
  • sign out and post as a guest whenever you want to be a bit more anonymous
  • sign out and simply sign up for a new User Name if you want to have a fresh start
  • ...and more!


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