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Where should I post?

ProTeacher's teaching-related boards are arranged by grade level. Most teaching-related topics should be posted on one of these boards. At the top is our BusyBoard. ProTeacher then has five major grade level areas: Early Childhood, Primary Grades, Intermediate Grades, Middle School, and High School. We also have seven boards for each grade, Kindergarten through Sixth.

Choose the board that best fits the specificity of your post. For instance, if your topic concerns all teachers, then post on our main BusyBoard. If your topic is relevant to a certain grade level, then choose that grade level board. Please post each topic on one board only.

 Here is the list of boards on our Home page:



In addition to our grade level boards, we also have several special purpose boards to explore: The Vent, Inspirations, Teacher News & Opinions, Post Office, The Job Search, Classroom Themes & Bulletin Boards, and more! Our popular Teachers' Lounge is reserved for non-teaching posts only.


Finally, we have boards for various teaching specialties, such as Special Education, as well as several boards on specific topics of interest.



We invite you to discover and support our wonderful boards for teachers! By being helpful and participating on your favorite boards, you are encouraging many others to do the same!


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How to Post

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