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Why is the photo I posted upside-down or sideways?

When posting a photo on ProTeacher, you might find that your photo ends up upside-down or sideways.

This occurs, because the tiny camera in your smartphone or tablet computer only takes pictures in one way.



iPhone and iPad:

The tiny camera in your iPad or iPhone takes photos in only one orientation. If you hold the camera upside-down, it will take an upside-down photo. If you hold the camera sideways, it will take a sideways photo. Apple includes special code inside the image file telling which side is 'up' but our ProTeacher software (written before these devices) can't read that information. So, when you post your photo on ProTeacher, our boards will show the photo just as the camera took the picture.


You can fix this problem by holding the tiny camera in your iPad or iPhone right-side up. On an iPhone, for example, hold your phone so that the on-screen shutter button is on the right side of the screen (see illustration above). This will ensure that your image is right-side-up when you post it.

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