What do the colored pushpins on the boards mean?

Colored Pushpins - What they Mean


The boards use a system of colored pushpins to alert you to new posts. At first, they might seem a little confusing, but once you get to know what they mean, it’s actually quite simple.


 Blue means NEW

A blue pushpin (big or small) means something NEW has been posted on that thread since your last visit.


Don’t panic, Red means NEW too


Just like the blue pushpins, a red pushpin (big or small) means something new has been posted on that thread since your last visit. The only difference is that the thread is also POPULAR, because it has received 6 or more replies.

 Small pushpins mark your participation efforts!

A small pushpin (any color) means that you have participated in that thread. Either you have started the thread yourself, or you have posted a reply. Your participation earns you a small pushpin. Active participants will see a lot of small pushpins marking the location of their posts! The small pushpins help you keep track of which threads you’ve posted in. Only you can see them! You can test this by signing out. Presto! When you sign out, your small pushpins do a disappearing act.


Small pushpins change color

The small gray pushpin will stay gray as long as no one else posts after you. The small gray pushpin will turn blue or red whenever something new is posted.

One little bug: Let’s say you post a reply on a thread. You might see your small pushpin turn blue marking that thread even though it is you who have posted something new. Arg! That is a little bug in our software. It changes to gray on your next visit (unless, of course, someone else replies).


Time-based System


A final note: Let’s say you visit ProTeacher at 6:30pm on Monday and visit only one board. Even though you’ve visited only one board, 6:30pm Monday becomes the time and date of your last visit. So, the next time you come to ProTeacher, only threads with new posts since your 6:30pm Monday visit will be marked with blue or red pushpins. This will be true on ALL the boards, not just the one board you actually visited. This assures that only the newest things catch special attention. Unfortunately, it also means it is very easy to miss things if you don’t also pay attention to the date of the last reply, and the number of replies threads have received. To catch what you've missed, you can do a search for "All New Posts" in the Search Boards menu. Search Boards, however, is only an option for signed in visitors.



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