How to use the Search Results

How to use the "Search Results" Page

Click the search icon at the top of the boards:



It will lead you to the Search Results page:


Search Results


 Five Important Features:


1. Click on the search icon at the top of the page for the latest postings.


2. Toggle between "New Posts" and "Posts From Last Day".


3. Browse to all the pages of Search Results


4. Search by Topic using the pull-down menu; or search by keyword(s) in the title. Click on advanced for more options.


5. Toggle between "Show Lounge" and "Hide Lounge" to include or exclude Teachers' Lounge threads in your search results. This feature will always remember your last setting. So, set it the way you prefer, or toggle back and forth as desired to find discussions that interest you. 


Note: Features 2, 4 and 5 are only available to signed-in members!


Not finding what you need?


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Google Search

In the top right corner of the page is Google search. Google search is an alternative way to search ProTeacher. It is most useful for finding older content, but not always useful for finding current discussions. See 1-5 above for finding current discussions.

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