How to Start a Group

How to Start a Group

In addition to discussion boards for nearly every grade level and teaching specialty, ProTeacher has a number of member-created groups.  Groups are easy to create and manage.

Groups can be created for both long-term and short-term purposes. If you have a special interest or project that would benefit from having a simple forum, a group might be just what you need. 


IMPORTANT: Please do not create a group unless you plan to be a frequent participant yourself. Creating a group makes you the 'host' and no group can be successful without an active, enthusiastic host. 


How to Create a New Group


NOTE: You must be a Full Member to create a group.


1. Before creating a group, make sure that no discussion board or group already exists on your topic. If a board or group already exists, please support that board or group by becoming an active participant. Groups that duplicate an existing discussion board or group will be deleted. If you aren't sure, feel free to send a PM to "Editor" for help.


2. Next, see if anyone else is interested in your group idea. Post a message on one of the discussion boards asking members to reply if they are interested. Contact members you think might be interested.


3. After steps 1 and 2, it's time to create your group.

     A. Go to your "My Groups" page and click the "Create a New Group" link. 

     B. Select Group Category. Choose 'Teaching Related' or 'Not Teaching Related'

     C. Type Group Name and a short Group Description

     D. Select Group Type. Select "Public" if you'd like everyone to be able to see and join your group. Select "Moderated" if you'd like to approve new members. Select "By Invitation Only" if you'd like to only make the group available to members you invite.

     E. Click "Save"


4. Post the first message on your new group! Contact other members who expressed interest in your group and encourage them to post too.


Add a Group Icon


A group icon is a small image, similar to an avatar, that represents your group.


To add a Group Icon:


1. Find the "Group Tools" menu at the top of your group and select "Edit Group"

2. Next, follow the instructions under "Group Icon"



How to Inactivate a Group


If your group was for a short-term purpose, or has become inactive, please inactivate your group.


To inactivate a Group:


1. Find the "Group Tools" menu at the top of your group and select "Edit Group"

2. Change "Group Category" to "Inactive" and click the "Save" button


Once a group is inactivated, it is removed from the list of active groups. The inactivated group remains available to members who joined the group, but group members can no longer post new messages or replies in the group unless it is reactivated. Read more...



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