How to Find Pen Pals & Other Exchanges on ProTeacher

How to Find Pen Pals & Other Exchanges on ProTeacher

ProTeacher has many wonderful teacher members from across the United States, Canada, and around the world. Our membership is primarily in the U.S.

Here's how to go about finding teachers and their classes for Pen Pals, Postcard Exchanges, traveling teddies, and more on ProTeacher.


Step 1: Become a Member


You must be signed in as a member to make any meaningful connections on ProTeacher, so the first thing to do is sign up for a free ProTeacher account if you haven't done so already. Then, just start getting involved in a variety of discussions. Become a regular participant on your grade level or specialty board, as well as participating on other boards and groups. ProTeacher is a great place to share ideas, give advice, ask questions and get support. Good things come to those who participate.


Step 2: Look/Post on the Boards


ProTeacher has boards for nearly every grade level and specialty. We also have a useful Search feature. By keeping up-to-date on what is being discussed on ProTeacher, you will find teachers looking for other classes to exchange with.

ProTeacher also has a member-only Post Office board. Only members can post and view things that are posted on that board.

Post Your Own Message

Feel free to start a new discussion ("thread") on our Post Office board, or any one of our many teaching-related boards announcing that you are looking for a class to exchange with (see: Where should I post?). Be sure to monitor your thread for replies and respond quickly. You can bookmark your thread and choose 'instant email alerts'. That way you'll be alerted whenever someone replies. (Make sure you can receive ProTeacher email alerts by bookmarking another thread and choosing this option).

Post Office Board Tip: Closing Your Thread

When posting on the member-only Post Office board, please note that you can CLOSE your thread once you find someone. To close your thread, go to your thread and find the "Thread Tools" Menu Notice where it says 'Close Thread'. Click the "Perform Action" button. To reopen your thread, repeat the process. Please note that threads older than 30 days may be closed by ProTeacher. If your thread has been closed, but you are still looking, post a new thread.


Step 3: Exchange Contact Information


For your own privacy and safety, we do not recommend posting an email address, real name or mailing address publicly on the boards. Members should use Private Messages ("PMs") to exchange such information. Members can exchange email addresses using PMs, then exchange other contact information via email. Be prudent.

If you are a Junior, Full or Senior Member who wants to have a Private Message conversation with a New Member, you must start by sending the New Member a PM. Then, the New Member can reply to you.

If you are a New Member, you can receive and reply to Private Messages, but you can't start Private Message conversations. So, you will need to ask other members to PM you to get a Private Message conversation going. Learn about our membership levels.

If you are a New Member and need to exchange email addresses with another New Member, you won't be able to use Private Messages since neither of you can send the initial PM. So, in that case, you can go to the member's Profile page (or your own Profile page) and post a Chitchat message. Profile pages and Chitchat messages are member-only.  Chitchat messages can be deleted when no longer needed. Alternatively use the member-only Post Office board to exchange email addresses.


Step 4: Use a Group to Help Organize a Larger Exchange


If you are a Full or Senior Member, you can start a Group on ProTeacher to gather participants for an exchange; and you can use your Group to communicate with participants. When you are finished with your project, simply inactivate your group. See the How to Start a Group page for instructions on how to start a group and how to inactivate your group.



-All Members can receive and reply to Private Messages ("PMs")

-Junior, Full and Senior Members can start new Private Message conversations. New Members can receive and reply to PMs but not start new conversations.

-Full and Senior Members can start Groups. All members can join groups.

-Be prudent when sharing contact information. Don't post contact information publicly on the boards.



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