List of Don’ts

List of Don'ts

To keep our community a friendly, safe, and supportive environment for everyone, we ask all members and guests to please refrain from making postings that match the descriptions on this list. This list may be updated periodically as needed.

This page is intended to be a quick summary of things that are not permitted on ProTeacher. Doing any of these things can result in your posts being moved, deleted, or edited. Please also see our Guidelines section for Terms of Use and other guidelines.

 # Don't  

Do not post advertisements. Do not promote your own (or friend or family member's) service, product, book, blog, 'store', or website.

Do not post announcements about your service, product, book, blog, 'store', or website on ProTeacher regardless of whether or not your intent is commercial. Do not announce free giveaways or contests.

Do not solicit content for commercial purposes [see also: Copyright Notice]

(Advertising is when you are tooting your own horn and promoting something for your own gain; or promoting something for the benefit of a friend or family member. That conflict of interest makes it advertising. Genuine, objective recommendations, however, are always welcome. Our goal is to create an environment where members can trust the advice and recommendations they read on ProTeacher.)

Tip: New Members should avoid posting product recommendations so as not to be seen as a possible advertiser.



Usernames, Avatars and any other images or attachments you post may not be used as vehicles for advertising or promoting yourself.

Our Private Messaging system may not be used as a means of advertising or promoting yourself.



Do not posts links to surveys or forms designed to collect member information and/or opinions

(Ask questions right on the board so that everyone can read the responses)


Do not solicit donations, crowdfunding, gifts, votes, social media “followers” “shout outs” or “likes”.

(As you can imagine, many ProTeacher members have similar needs. That's why ProTeacher is a great place to ask for advice and exchange ideas.)


 5 Do not post 'referral links' (links which result in the person posting the link earning some benefit or credit)


Do not post your email address or real name. Do not encourage members to post or share their email addresses in exchange for something.

(When threads contain email addresses and/or encourage members to post or share their email addresses, we routinely remove or close them to protect the privacy of our members.)

More broadly, do not post Personally Identifiable Information ('PII') (real name, address, email address, phone number, date of birth, etc). Do not ask members to publicly reveal personally identifiable information about themselves. Each member should decide for themselves what information –if any- he or she feels comfortable sharing. If you happen to know personally identifiable information about another member, do not reveal it on ProTeacher.

Do not quote or paraphrase what someone has written to you in a Private Message publicly on the boards. Keep Private Messages private. [If you receive an inappropriate Private Message, please report it using the small gray 'stop sign' icon in the upper-right-hand corner of the message.]



Do not post the same topic/question on multiple boards. Posting the same topic on multiple boards (called 'cross-posting') is not permitted, because it is confusing.

By the same token, posting a link on one board to a topic on another board is a type of cross-posting; cross-posting topics in this way is generally not permitted. 

(If you post your topic on the wrong board by mistake, report your post and ask it to be moved to a different board (specify). If your post doesn't get any responses, please wait at least 24 hours before posting the same topic on a different board.)



Do not start new threads about the same cause, issue or monthly event for more than three consecutive days or more than seven days in total unless the topic is directly related and relevant to the board or group you are posting in.

(Consider starting a new group on ProTeacher if you want to post daily or more frequent messages about a particular cause, issue or monthly event)



Do not post with multiple names on the same thread. Do not pretend to be more than one person on the same thread.

(Posting with more than one name on a single thread is not permitted, because it is misleading and confusing.)



Do not post copyrighted material. Do not post materials created by others. Only the creator of the material has the right (copyright) to post them, even if the material has been shared on ProTeacher or elsewhere in the past.

(Only post/attach material that you have personally written, created, or adapted yourself (i.e. your own words/photos/work. Copyrighted material from other websites should be linked to rather than attached)



Do not be a troll. Do not seek to cause mischief, annoyance, or harm to the community.

Do not feed trolls. Suspected trolls should be reported - not called out on the boards. Do not accuse a member of not being truthful.

If you notice a member or guest posting inappropriately, please bring this to the attention of the Editor by reporting the post using the small gray ‘stop sign’ icon under the username of the person who posted inappropriately

(Troll - a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion, often for their own amusement. (source Wikipedia)



Do not be rude. Do not tease, taunt, or disparage other ProTeacher members. In particular, do not resort to name calling, labeling members, speculating about other members' character or morals, or other personal insults.

No member is required to respond to you. Do not demand that other members respond or try to goad or bait them into responding. Don't follow around other members reminding them about prior topics and statements in an effort to bully, harass and provoke.

Do not try to discourage other members from posting. Do not try to limit the diversity of ideas and opinions that can be expressed by questioning members' motivations for posting or by suggesting that members shouldn't share what is important to them. Joys and sorrows, celebrations and disappointments all have a place and often occur at the same time.

Do not put words into other members' mouths; do not insinuate that other members have said or believe things that they did not in fact say themselves. Do not accuse members of talking in coded language and/or suggest that what another member has said has intentional hidden meanings. Speak for yourself. Do not purport to be speaking for others.

Do not suggest that another member can't be a good teacher. In particular, do not question a member's ability or qualifications for being a teacher simply because they don't agree with your particular opinions about teaching, political views, or point of view.

Do not gossip about other members. If you think a member is posting inappropriately, or if you have other concerns or complaints about a member, please report that member's post(s) to ProTeacher using the small gray 'stop sign' icon, or by contacting ProTeacher staff.

Do not comment about other members' typos, spelling, or grammar errors. If you spot a particularly egregious error, feel free to report it to ProTeacher using the small gray 'stop sign' icon. Be sure to describe what the error was so that it can be fixed if time permits. 


Do not use profanity.

Do not use pejorative terms to refer to people based on their racial, ethnic, regional, sexual/gender, or religious affiliations.




See also: List of Do's

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