How To Bookmark a Thread

How To Bookmark a Thread

Want to keep track of an interesting thread you are reading? Bookmark it!


Here's how:


1. Find the small bookmark icon at the top of the thread. Click on it.




2. Select how you want to bookmark the thread.  Choose the Notification Option to optionally receive email alerts to the email address associated with your ProTeacher account. You can change the notification option later if you desire. You can also organize your bookmarks into folders. To start, let's just click "Add".




3. Notice the bookmark icon has now turned a solid color. That tells you that the thread is bookmarked. To remove the bookmark, click the icon again.




4. To view and manage your bookmarked threads, select "Bookmarks" from the "My Stuff" menu at the top of the page throughout the ProTeacher website.

My Stuff > Bookmarks


Watch for updates in the "Bookmark Updates" section on the Home Page:



That's all there is to it!

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