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  1. How are Random Drawing Winners Selected How are Random Drawing Winners Selected? ProTeacher periodically holds random drawings. Here is the general process we use to select winners:   Random Drawing To select our winners, we use the 'true random number generator' at random.org ... Read More
  2. List of Do’s List of Do's Here are some tips that will help YOU get the most out of ProTeacher and keep our community a friendly, fun, and supportive place for everyone!  # Do    1 Participate regularly on our discussion boards and member-created g... Read More
  3. List of Don’ts List of Don'ts To keep our community a friendly, safe, and supportive environment for everyone, we ask all members and guests to please refrain from making postings that match the descriptions on this list. This list may be updated periodically... Read More
  4. How to Edit a Post How to Edit a Post  Members have up to 24 hours to edit or delete a post. Simply click on the "Edit" button under your post. If the post is older than 24 hours, the edit option will no longer be available. In that case, if there is an emergency, f... Read More
  5. Welcome to ProTeacher! Welcome to ProTeacher! Welcome! You'll find a lot of opportunities to give and get support at ProTeacher if you keep actively visiting!   Tips & GuidelinesImportant: Be sure to add our two ProTeacher Email addresses to your address book or... Read More
  6. ProTeacher Email Help ProTeacher Email Help   ProTeacher sends out regular email to all members. Here are some common issues.   I'm not receiving ProTeacher Email If you are not receiving ProTeacher Email, see: How To Receive ProTeacher Email for important tips (y... Read More
  7. Privacy Policy Privacy Policy ProTeacher is dedicated to protecting the privacy of our members and guests. We have created this privacy policy to inform you of our practices, the type of information we gather during your visit, and how this information is used.  ... Read More
  8. How to Send and Receive Private Messages How to Send and Receive Private Messages Private Messages (PMs) are used by ProTeacher members to communicate with other individual members. Sending a PM is a little bit like sending an email. However, the messages you send and receive can only be v... Read More
  9. Navigation Icons Navigation Icons At the top of many pages, you'll find 7 icons:                          Knowing what these icons do will make getting around ProTeacher much easier.       "Home" - This icon leads straight to the Home page. ... Read More
  10. How to Start a Group How to Start a Group In addition to discussion boards for nearly every grade level and teaching specialty, ProTeacher has a number of member-created groups.  Groups are easy to create and manage. Groups can be created for both long-term and short-t... Read More
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