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  1. What do the colored pushpins on the boards mean? Colored Pushpins - What they Mean   The boards use a system of colored pushpins to alert you to new posts. At first, they might seem a little confusing, but once you get to know what they mean, it’s actually quite simple.    Blue means NEW... Read More
  2. How To Bookmark a Thread How To Bookmark a Thread Want to keep track of an interesting thread you are reading? Bookmark it!   Here's how:   1. Find the small bookmark icon at the top of the thread. Click on it.       2. Select how you want to bookmark the thread... Read More
  3. How do I delete bookmarks? How to Delete Bookmarks   Want to delete a bunch of bookmarks to threads you have bookmarked?   Here's how:   1. Go to the Bookmarks page. [Click Here]   2. It looks like this:     3. Click on the checkboxes next to each bookmark you wan... Read More
  4. How to Post How to Post New Members are always welcome to participate at ProTeacher!   1. Start by clicking one of the post buttons on the boards.    For starting a new thread:                     For replying to a thread:                ... Read More
  5. How to Search By Topic How to Search By Topic  ProTeacher has a board for nearly every grade level and teaching specialty. But what if you are interested in finding recent threads for a particular topic or subject area regardless of grade level? We've got just the t... Read More
  6. What are the advantages of Signing In as a Member? Advantages of Signing In as a Member Signing in is not required to visit at ProTeacher, but it does have many advantages.   It's absolutely free since 1999 It's Private. We don't ask for your real name, city, school or place of empl... Read More
  7. Navigation Icons Navigation Icons At the top of many pages, you'll find 7 icons:                          Knowing what these icons do will make getting around ProTeacher much easier.       "Home" - This icon leads straight to the Home page. ... Read More
  8. How to Find Pen Pals & Other Exchanges on ProTeacher How to Find Pen Pals & Other Exchanges on ProTeacher ProTeacher has many wonderful teacher members from across the United States, Canada, and around the world. Our membership is primarily in the U.S. Here's how to go about finding teachers ... Read More
  9. How to Edit a Post How to Edit a Post  Members have up to 24 hours to edit or delete a post. Simply click on the "Edit" button under your post. If the post is older than 24 hours, the edit option will no longer be available. In that case, if there is an emergency, f... Read More
  10. List of Don’ts List of Don'ts To keep our community a friendly, safe, and supportive environment for everyone, we ask all members and guests to please refrain from making postings that match the descriptions on this list. This list may be updated periodically... Read More
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